Cover up hair with coloring products and eye shadows

hair coloring

Nowadays, every people will have gray hair problems. A few years back, gray hair occurs only for the elder people but now it occurs even for children and younger age people.

Therefore, everyone is trying different methods and products to cover the gray hair or using the products to reduce the gray hair occurrence.

When you choose coloring or high lightening to cover the gray hair, which contains ammonia that will not suitable for most of the people and it causes some health issues.

So you can use eyeshadow to cover gray hair for brunettes instead of coloring. Here, you can find useful tips to cover the gray hair.

Cover up gray hair with hair coloring

Doing coloring is the best solution for covering the gray hair but you need to choose the ammonia-free coloring products to avoid health issues.

You can visit the salon which offers the best coloring products for you. Coloring your hair is not a permanent solution because it will stay a maximum of 1 to 2 months in your hair if you maintained well. After that again you need to do root touch up or full hair coloring.

If you do this continuously, you might have the possibility to get health issues. In this condition, you apply eyeshadow to dye gray hair for brunettes instead of coloring.

gray hairCover up gray hair with Eye shadows

Applying eye shadow is another alternative to cover the gray hair, which gives the temporary solution for the problems.

You can apply brown eye shadow to the gray hair with the help of a brush. Using the brush, just tap the eye shadow on the hair wherever you have gray hair.

Therefore, all you need to do is find the right powder, which is close to your natural hair color for the perfect finish.