How to put eye shadow on Asian eyes?

In the modern world, it is not surprising to put an eye shadow to the eyes regularly. Some will use this only for occasions and functions such as wedding and some will apply this regularly.

When you put eye shadow on Asian eyes look prettier than normal eyes. To get the perfect finish you need to know how to apply it. Continue reading to know how to blend eye shadow, even if you are not so good at it.

Apply base

Always start with primer for the perfect finish. After applying primer use light white eye shadow as a base. After that use creamy eye shadow to the eye bone to visually lift up your eye.

put eye shadow

Create a crease

After making a base, choose your favorite color and apply eye shadow on Asian eyes properly. Also, blend your eye shadow towards the middle of your lid.

When you want to make your eye pop and then choose the dark colors a bit higher and then create a crease. Also, if your eyes look brighter and then darker your crease, and add more eye shadow.

Apply shimmer

Apply light and shimmer eye shadow to the inner parts of your eyelid using the pattern motion. Finally, apply dark brown or black eye shadow little more to the out corner of the eyes.

Therefore, choose attractive colors to make your eyes more beautiful. This is the base for all kinds of eye makeup.

Today, when it comes to makeup most people choose the Smokey eyes. The Smokey eye is very popular among the people. In this case, you can use this same procedure but applying eyeliner should be different to get Smokey eyes.

Final thought

Therefore, do your eye makeup by following these instructions. Otherwise, attend the eye shadow tutorials for Asian eyes for the better results