Which is a better hair conditioner or hair serum?

hair conditioner

Today, due to the environmental factors you need to take care of your hair. So you should use some hair products after shampooing to prevent your hair problems.

There are lists of hair care products available in the market. Choosing the right one for your hair is not an easy task.

Most people will only use hair serum and some will use the only conditioner after shampooing. Therefore, continue reading to know which is better for your hair either conditioner or serum.

hair serumHair serum

This is one of the important products, which is used to maintain your hair and it makes the hair look shinier, healthier, relieve your tangles.

Also, it protects the hair from dust, humidity, and sun. The hair serum is made up of silicon, ceramide, and amino acids.

This hair serum acts as the mask or plastic wrap only to prevents external damages like heat, sun, pollution, and nothing more than that. So, it does not repair or improve the conditions of the hair. Mostly, it is suitable for thin hair, dry and frizzy hair.

Hair conditioner

Conditioner vs serum or leave-in conditioner is used to after shampooing hair, which provides the nourishment and moisturizes your hair.

The conditioning remains in the hair until the next wash. So, it keeps your hair hydrated and reduces the tangles in the hair.

Conditioner typically contains humectant that helps to hydrate the hair, and soften your strands and make the hair stronger and elastic.

The direct sunlight, pollution, chlorinated or saltwater might cause dehydrate hair, color fade out, brittleness, and split ends. In this condition, you need hair care products to protect or short out the problems.

Conditioners are designed to coat your strands and protect the hair from the damaging effects of environmental factors. The conditioner is suitable for thick hair and curly hair.

However, the hair serum acts as a plastic wrap of the silicone to your hair to protect from external pollutions.

On the other hand, conditioned provides hydration and locks in moisture in your hair, which repairs damaged and dry hair.

Finally, based on the hair type you can use the products. In my suggestion, you need to use both hair conditioner vs hair serum for your hair to avoid hair problems.

Final thought

Make use of this information and buy the best hair serum and hair conditioner to maintain or protects the hair from hair damages.