Know the difference – Hair Dresser Vs Hair Stylist


Many of us don’t know the difference between a hairdresser and a hairstylist. We thought both are the same and we always use those words frequently. But the real truth is there is a huge difference between them. Read out the below articles for hair dressing мs hair styling.

Hairdresser Vs Hairstylist

Before we proceed to the difference first let’s see the similarity between hairdresser and hairstylist. Both of them give professional care to clients. But there is a difference between them.

Hairdressing Vs hairstylist


Hairdressers are the professionals who do the cutting, hair treatments, chemical treatments, and hair related works whereas the hairstylist will do heat styling of hair like create curls, waves, volumes, etc.


Both are professionals but don’t do the same job. Both hairdressers and hair stylish have the same knowledge and skills but never do the same job.


Hairdresser does cutting hair, extension, and processing. After that, they continue to style the hair whereas the hairstylist does combine techniques like creating curls with period looks, style for the red carpet, and trendy fashion for the fashion show.

Professional training certificate

Hairdressing needs a cosmetology license from the state. To ensure that the hairdresser must be a professional and well trained from the qualified institution. The chemical treatment on hair is highly risky which a normal hairstylist can’t do it.

The hairdresser must undergo special training based on chemical treatments with a specialized tool to perform the procedures. This is because the hairdresser will permanently change the client’s hair structure using chemical treatment and a special tool.


The hairstylist is also a professional but never involves conditioning treatments, dying hair, chemical treatment, etc. They just learn to cut, make a combination with an extension like curling, waves, and volumes.

Bob Cutting

When a client wants bob a hairdresser cuts a bob which is permanent whereas hairstylist creates an illusion of bob with his styling techniques which is temporary. This is the best example of the difference between a hairdresser and a hairstylist.

Hairstyling is for temporary purpose when a client wants to sustain the same cut, he must visit a professional hairdresser to fulfill his needs.

Working Place

The professional hairdressers prefer to work in spas and salons whereas the professional hairstylist is so creative who works for events, functions, gatherings, and on-the ready to go. He earns a lot of money