The Steps to get a great edge up!

lighten up edges

Today, in the modern world there are different variations of haircuts are available, which are offered by salon industries.

Also, every haircut not suits for all the people instead of that the haircut provided them based on the individual’s face shape and hair type.

However, choosing the right haircut yourself is not an easy task because you don’t know which suits you. So, always consult the hairdresser they will suggest you or provide you an exact haircut, which gives you the more perfect look.

Nowadays, most people thinking that edge up and haircuts are different also they are searching the online difference between edge up and haircuts.

However, the true fact is edge up is a part of the haircut, which will be done using trimmers not scissors.

The most important thing is doing not to get the edge up haircut to the hairdresser without knowing about that.

An edge up is also commonly known as a lineup, which is chopping around your head to make your haircut perfects. Sometimes, an edge up can make or break the haircut finish based on the hair structure and volume of the hair.

Lighten up edges

The first thing is you need to prepare the edge of the haircut to get a perfect finish. if the hair is thick and the line will not stay longer. Therefore, first lighten up the edges around the cut using trimmers, which means don’t be taper the whole haircut just lighten the edges. In this case, you could not do it yourself a better visit near your salon for perfect results.

Apply liquid razor

The second step, apply the liquid razor around the edges of the haircut and blow-dry the edges properly. To avoid the disturbance of hairs, use hair clippers and stick it.



After applying liquid razor, the next step is visualization. The thing you need to do is stand directly in front of the person and visualize a lineup, which should be in all the way around their head.

Therefore, check the lineup, whether the line comes in a perfect way. If you could not get a proper finish and make some changes and create a perfect one.

Final thought

Therefore, do not confuse yourself about edge up vs haircuts. You might have gone this and get the information’s about what is edge up? How to do this? Make use of this information and choose the best salon to get the haircuts.