What is the difference between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner?

When it comes to the makeup eyebrow pencil and eyeliner plays a vital role. You couldn’t give the perfect finish to the eye makeup without using eyeliner and eyebrow pencil.

The eyebrow pencil is used to fill or draw the line for the eyebrows and to line the eyes. The products are used for the eyes so choose the products carefully because the eye is very sensitive.

Sometimes eye allergy occurs due to some products so always buy the branded eyeliner and eyebrow pencil to reduce the health risks. Continue reading to find out the difference between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner.

Eyebrow pencil

The eyebrow pencil is a cosmetic used to show off the eyebrows thicker, which creates a clean and precise line. The eyebrow pencil comes in different colors black, blue, brown and more colors. The black and brown colors are mostly used by people.


Using the eyebrow pencil you can draw the line to all over the eyebrows otherwise you can use this only for gap filling.

However, the eyebrow pencil replaces the work of eyeliner that can work well even in the top and bottom of the eyelid.

A single eyebrow pencil comes for the last longer. An eyebrow pencil is firm and waxy to hold your eyebrow hair in place. Also, the pencil comes in matte or powder finish.


The eyeliner comes in two forms liquid and creamy base. So that it glides softly without tagging your eye so much because the eye is very sensitive.

Eyeliner provides a shiny look to the eyelid. However, eyeliner is pigmented than an eyebrow pencil. You can draw the line on the top and bottom of the eyelid using the eyeliner for obtaining a pretty look.

Final thought

Therefore, now you understand the differences in eyebrow pencil vs eyeliner. Make use of this information and use these products to get an awesome look.