How to make your own glitter eye shadow?

eye shadow

Glitter is a way to make a dramatic look for your eyes. However, to make it last longer is not an easy task.

There are new products are available in the market, which makes the process very easier so that you can make it fast and easy to get the glitter to adhere perfectly to your eyes and stay for the whole day.

If you do not have those products yet, but still you want to make glitter eye shadow and then use your own glitter primer alternatively. Here, you can find the steps to make glitter eye shadow.

Mix ingredients well

The first step is to take 3 parts alcohol, 2 parts glycerin, and 1-part aloe and mixes them together in the empty syringe.


If you mix these ingredients in the bowl that will not mix properly so use the empty syringe instead of a bowl. Fill the ingredients in the syringe and push and pull back a number of times to mix it properly.

Add glitters with mixed ingredients

After mixed the ingredients perfectly all need to do is clean the eye shadow pan with the alcohol before you begin. Next, dispense the 1 part of the mixed solution into the pan and add a small amount of glitter and slowly begin to mix.

Store it for 24 hours

After mixing properly keep them in a dark place and wait for 24 hours for better results. After that takeout and check the quality of homemade glitter eyeshadow. You will be getting a perfect result definitely if you follow these steps properly.

Final thought

Make use of this information and try to make glitter eye shadow in your home itself. This is very cost-effective than outside DIY pressed glitter eyeshadow pallet, so make it by following the above-mentioned steps.