What is the difference between glitter and shimmer?


When it comes to makeup both glitters and shimmers are plays the main role. When you apply the glitter in your eyes that will give you pretty look to your eye.

Both shimmer and glitters are used as high lighting. However, when you can use the shimmer for both eyes and face makeup that provides the elegant look for you.

Here you can find the difference between glitter and shimmer.


Glitter can become shimmer if the particle size will be reduced. Both are used in cosmetics to give a radiant glow and sparkle.

When you apply the right size glitters that will provide the amazing look for you face. The most commonly used particle size in cosmetics is 0.002 to 0.008.

Each particle size captures variations of light, the smaller particle size defuses the light more and conceal imperfections.

The large particle size emphasizes those perfections. Mix larger size glitter with small size particle and combine them with lip gloss to get glitter look.

This glitter gives you a stunning look during night time instead of day time. Also, there are many ways to incorporate glitter into your everyday look.


shimmerThe shimmer particle is very smaller than glitters. So use the smaller shimmer to highlight your best features such as eyebrow bones, cheekbones, décolletage, and lips.

Always use the small amount of shimmer for the best result. If you use a high amount of glitters that will provide you childish look. So, use a small amount for adults and a high amount of small kids.

The important thing is to buy the good quality of both shimmer and glitters to reduce health-related issues.

Final thought

Therefore, now you understand the differences in glitters vs shimmers. So make use of this information and use the products to get an amazing look.